Indonesia (Biak Island - Mnurwar):  1°5'25.157”S, 136°21'37.873”E




Nepal (Manahari):  27°32’23.3”N, 84°45’28.4”E
Madagascar (Villamatsa): 16°12'05.2”S, 44°29'07.9”E


Most of the people working at Eden Reforestation Projects nurseries and planting sites never had a cash-paying job prior to being hired by Eden. 


Employee wages vary based on the project nation, the economy, and the position being filled by the employee. Managers will make more, and some seasonal workers (part-time for planting season) are hired to help with the increased planting load.


All employees are paid a fair and consistent income that helps to lift them out of extreme poverty and enables them to care for their families. In addition, as the land is restored, it begins to provide for them through improved soil for:

  1. Farming.
  2. Improved fishing due to decreased erosion.
  3. Restored and refilled aquifers.

In addition, food security and income is increased as Eden’s employees further benefit from agroforestry projects and their ability to begin micro enterprises.